• VOTED #1 PAIN RELIEVER for Neuropathy. Best in class, proprietary combination of B vitamins, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin D, L-Arginine and a powerful, synergistic herb blend. Put an END to the BURNING, TINGLING and STABBING PAIN once and for all.


  • BETTER B VITAMINS. Highly Bio-Available Versions of Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) and Vitamin B1 (Benfotiamine) proven to increase nutritional support of the nervous system. Significantly superior body absorption than standard B1 and B12 vitamins found in other products.


  • CLINICAL STRENGTH. Compare the ingredient list and serving quantities. Competitive formulas pale in comparison.


  • GUARANTEED RELIEF. Years of research, high quality ingredients and proven results. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or money refunded.


  • IRLT OPTIMIZED. The ONLY nerve support supplement formulated to maximize the synergystic benefits of adjunctive Infra Red Light Therapy for severe cases of neuropathy. Every serving includes a potent 500mg of L-Arginine, the critical ingredient for ending severe neuropathy pain.


Neuropaquell is the most potent nerve support supplement available anywhere. We use only premium, high-quality ingredients proven to be clinically effective and combine them in a unique, powerful, proprietary formula. All ingredients are selected based on their high bio-availability profile to ensure optimal results. Neuropaquell is the industry's only "IRLT optimized" nerve support supplement thanks to our precise, industry exclusive L-Arginine component. The synergistic benefit of Neuropaquell combined with medical grade Infra Red Light Therapy (IRLT) has been shown to produce exceptional positive outcomes in cases with even the most severe sufferers. As with all Quantum Leap Nutraceuticals, Neuropaquell features a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Put an END to the BURNING, TINGLING and STABBING PAIN once and for all.

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